Conklin Commercial Roofing Contractors

Conklin Commercial Roofing are Lancaster premier commercial roofing professionals. We’ve been in business for 30+ years and can construct, maintain and repair a wide range of commercial roofs in a variety of materials.

Services Offered
– Roof Restorations
– Roof Replacements
– Roof Painting
– Gutter and irrigation repairs and installation.
– Foam Insulation
– Reflective Roof Coatings
– Emergency commercial roof repair
– Much More!

Roofing Types Serviced
– Metal roofing
– Concrete roofing
– Tile roofing
– Slate roofing

Conklin commercial roofing is a family owned business and we take pride in our work – we want to know that your roof will last you decades, this is our profession and we aim to be the best of the best. We work exclusively with commercial and industrial roofing and because of this we have all the equipment, tools, plant machinery and experience needed to provide you the best service and expertise available.

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Commercial roof

Commercial Roof Restoration

We specialise in commercial roof restorations. During this process we can transform an old rundown roof into a restored version of itself, for a fraction of the cost required to replace a roof. We do this by cleaning the roof thoroughly, replacing any missing or damaged areas, sealing any gaps or cracks, and they finishing with several coats of paint (in a colour of your choice)

Commercial Roof Replacement

Some roofs are in such bad shape that the best course of action is a complete replacement. This can also be required for safety reasons if the current roof is in worse enough shape. A commercial roof replacement involves removing the entire roof and rebuilding the structure and cover. It is a big job and not always cheap but its sometimes the only option, especially from a safety point of view.

We had the pleasure of dealing with a roofing contractor from Australia a while back at an international conference, so we wanted to shout out to our friends from the Sunshine Coast and would recommend  them if anyone needs any roofing work done in Queensland, Australia.